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Surprising effects of ED pills on the cardiovascular system

This all goes back to the year of 1998. The FDA approved Viagra (sildenafil) on March 27. Five years later, on November 21, the FDA also approved Cialis. It was a big deal back in the day, it was a commercial breakthrough and thousands upon thousands of men got the solution they so desperately needed. Of course, there were tons of naysayers and people who were actively trying to undercut the sales for their own greedy reasons. That’s where the myth started: people were saying that ED medications will ruin your cardiovascular system.

The Actual Truth

What these people usually failed to mention is the fact that Viagra was originally created to help with high blood pressure and all kinds of cardiovascular diseases. Viagra and, say, tadalafil 20 mg, among other ED drugs, they have an uncanny ability to widen blood vessels and they also help with the blood flow. The side-effects were amazing: improved erections. This unexpected turn of events leads to Viagra becoming a different kind of drug, marketed for a slightly different audience. There were alleged sudden deaths, but there’s no concrete proof to this day. Most of the info you hear is part smear campaign and part Broken Telephone.

The Recent Discoveries

According to the recent study published in BMC Medicine, ED drugs are not dangerous, they are not harmful to your cardiovascular system in the slightest. In fact, it’s the opposite: they help your body. One of the main ingredients in ED pills actually prevents the heart from enlarging and changing shape, it improves heart performance and health. If you are still unsure, here’s the discovery that surprised everyone: ED pills can be used as an efficient and 100% risk-free treatment for several cardiovascular system diseases. That’s on top of helping people with their bedroom issues.

Even More Surprising…

Even in this day and age, using some ED drug to treat your issues might raise some eyebrows. That’s why doctors prescribe the same kind of drug (ED), but market it with a different name. This works both ways: people who actually have ED issues, they would much rather take pills for cardiovascular system health. They don’t have to get embarrassed over a private issue, they have a perfectly valid excuse – they’re buying a perfectly wholesome drug to improve their heart’s health. Easy.


Men’s Health After 60

Many strong men who are over 60 are complaining about weakening of male strength and periodic problems with women. But sexual health is important at any age. So, let’s take a look at these intimate problems and ways to solve them.

Why Does Potency Decrease with Age?

The aging organism works worse, and it affects all systems and organs. And reproductive system is not an exception. The following factors contribute to decrease in male strength after 60:

  1. Reduced synthesis of testosterone.
  2. Weak activity of internal secretion glands.
  3. Deterioration of penis vessel condition.
  4. The effect of harmful habits: long-term smoking and alcohol consumption.

As we see, there are many negative factors and, therefore, most men at age 60 have different kinds of erectile dysfunction or suffer from partial impotence.

How to Improve Your Sexual Life

Part of these factors can be easily eliminated on your own. Just take a look at the following recommendations:

  1. Correction of nutrition. 30-year-old men are usually recommended to consume more greens, sour cream and meat. But at age 60 the main goal is to protect the body from atherosclerosis. That is why the diet should be enriched with vegetables, berries, fruits and some amount of fatty meat, while fast food should be minimized. Every day you need to eat honey and nuts.
  2. Also you can use vitamin-mineral complexes and dietary supplements, enriching the body with useful substances, including zinc.
  3. Getting rid of chronic diseases. Diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, prostatitis, hypothyroidism – all of these diseases have a negative effect on sexual desire and significantly reduce erection.
  4. Use of medications for erectile dysfunction treatment. Sometimes special pills can help restore potency and enhance sexual capacity for a specific time. Such medications increase sexual vigor, prolong sexual intercourses, and this greatly improves intimate life. At the same time, it must be taken into account that in adulthood such drugs should be taken only after discussion with your healthcare provider. A doctor should take into account contraindications and presence of chronic diseases. Often experts advise 60-year-old men to take small doses of Tadalafil, as its effect lasts up to 36 hours and allows a man to feel young and strong again.
  5. Kegel exercises. They are done by tension and relaxation of the muscles responsible for urination. In addition to them, you can add long-term walking, cardio-training, exercises for the hips and abdominal muscles.
  6. Regularity of sexual contacts. Specialists advise avoiding long breaks in sexual life. Irregular sexual life at any age reduces sexual desire and erection. It is best to have close contacts with women from once a week to twice a month.
  7. Controlling bad habits. Of course, this is the most difficult task, but getting rid of excessive consumption of alcohol significantly improves the general condition of the male body.

As you can see, there are a lot of different options for restoring and supporting male strength after 60. Use them regularly and wisely. Only in this case it will be possible to postpone natural aging and all the processes associated with it.

Sexual Anxiety – Devastating Condition Striking Modern European Men

While the modern life is so busy and stressful, a rapidly increasing number of males experience problems and nasty complications related to sexual intercourse. Problems getting and maintaining an erection, premature ejaculation, low libido and similar complications trigger the feeling of anxiety and fear before sex. Temporary disorders in sexual life can activate permanent anxiety, which will lead to persistent problems in sex.

Generally, emotional and psychological disorders serve the most frequent causes of erectile dysfunction occurrence and similar complications. Anxiety, stress, emotional imbalance and other conditions trigger decreased sex desire, advancing anxiety and frustration. Once you have noticed the correlation between erectile dysfunction symptoms and anxiety, you need to contact your medical specialist immediately. Timely advice is the best solution.

Recommendations on How to Eliminate the Condition and Get Pleasurable and Durable Sex Experience

A balanced diet, regular exercises, perfect mental and emotional health and proper physical condition is the formula for a satisfactory, durable and hard erection and pleasurable sex. The disorders at any stage can activate certain complications, which destroy the whole scheme. Striving to achieve ultimate erectile strength, a patient should have a balanced psychological state. Previous sexual stimulation, desire and boosted libido contribute to the quality of the intercourse immensely. How to get the necessary effect? Is it possible to balance physical disorders before sexual activity? According to cialisinorge.com, there is a list of remedies, which can help you cope with anxiety and feel 100% confident before and during a sexual intercourse. Cialis is one of such pills that work advancing the blood flow to the penile area, resulting in a hard and long-lasting erection. The treatment can improve your self-esteem considerably, so you will avoid anxiety and similar conditions preventing you from healthy sex. Discuss the treatment course with your doctor in order to get proper treatment course with safe outcomes and positive impacts.